Nederlandsche Postzegel- en Muntenveiling

A new location, which has been organized to our own wishes, our own auction hall and large view and work spaces, better connection, more parking spaces, however the same men knowledge and assessment. If you are not in the occasion to visit us we are also regularly throughout the country. 

De Nederlandsche Postzegelveiling B.V. (The Dutch stamp auction) was established in 1942. After a number of management changes the company was taken over by Paul Bulterman and Cees Muis, both well-known in the stamp world. In 1980 they began auctioning coins. They soon established an international auction house which was located in the centre of Amsterdam at Rokin 60. Paul Bulterman was active involved in the company until 1991 when he was succeeded by his son, Bas. Cees Muis retired in 2003 and was succeeded by Rene Dresken. In 2013 Martijn Bulterman joined the company. Martijn is a well known person concerning coins and stamps and president of the NVPH (The Dutch Stamp dealer organisation).